afragmentcastadrift said: I'd hard your guise.

would you kindly

finally a term to describe my spooning experience

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So want

Oh my goodness gracious me.

i want this dress

i want to rock this dress

I finally have the pattern to make good, high-waist, A-line skirts. I will finally make all this crap. BRING ON THE SPOONFLOWER. ALL OF THE SELF-DESIGNED FABRICS.

I need to put a character in this outfit, omz

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My sister gave me an Agent P hoodie and I’m so happy!!!

I don’t know what an Agent P is but my friend-wife Neesee is very beautiful!

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APOLLO: so do you come here to this river a lot
DAPHNE: i’m so sorry
have we met?
APOLLO: we havent met
but you know me
DAPHNE: sorry?
APOLLO: ever seen THE SUN
DAPHNE: what?
APOLLO: youre welcome
hey let me touch your skin for a while
DAPHNE: i have to
[DAPHNE turns into a tree to escape him]
APOLLO: so do you
turn into trees a lot

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They say businesses should always listen to the conversations hapenning in social media between their consumers and this is one of those times for them to be listening

Allow me to introduce you to

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you’re not really railing against America specifically but against the entire idea of the modern state, and without that we might as well have anarchy

look, definitely criticize the US, America deserves it and was in fact built on the idea of government criticism

but if you think the US is “fucking horrific and repulsive,” then have I got some news for you about the entire rest of the world

Her ladyship


"Wait, a ladyship? There’s a ship full of women and NO ONE TOLD ME?"

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Gifts of a Glance.

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