The pros and cons about Satsuki Kiryuin



1: Eyebrows
2: High-heeled, knee-high boots
3: Dominance
4: Long hair
5: Short hair
6: High intelligence
7: Sword wielding
8: Absolute physical strength
9: Absolute mental strength
10: Absolute emotional strength
11: Curves~
12: Husky voice~
13: The ability to give absolutely zero fucks
14: Not ending up a serial killer
15: Eyebrows
16: Eyebrows
17: Eyebrows


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Man I not what
linguistic genius masha


Quick Satsuki drawing. About 40 mins.

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I wanna watch Rebellion but I don’t wanna watch it without my friend, oh nooooo

gaaah iTunes FINALLY let me download The Life and Times of Scrooge



That time the boy gave the girl flowers? Completely platonic. That time he told her, “I love you”? There are different kinds of love, you know; it’s definitely not romantic no way. 

no hetero

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my sexuality: chimes

"Magia" - Kalafina

that riff is the first thing you hear in the anime, so there was never any hope for me

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Hellfire (Madoka Rebellion Parody)- Original is Hellfire from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. !!!SPOILERS!!!

I was Homura
Geek was Sayaka and did the lyrics!!!


My goddess Madoka
You know I was a placid girl
Of my wisdom I am justly proud

My goddess Madoka
You know we’re so much better than
The common mindless weak ungrateful crowd

Then tell me, Madoka
When I saw you crying there?
Why your teary eyes have scorched my soul?

I feel you, I see you,
The sun caught in your salmon hair
Is blazing in me out of all control

Like fire!
Hell fire!
This fire in my skin…
This burning desire
Is turning me to sin

It’s not my fault!
I’m not to blame!
It is the pink haired girl, the one who set this flame!
It’s not my fault!
Is this your plan?
You made this yearning so much stronger than I am!

I’ll save you, Madoka
Won’t let your wish take you away
Won’t let you suffer out there on your own

Destroy the Law of Cycles!
And Kyubey shall taste the fires of hell
And then let her be mine and mine alone…

SAYAKA: (spoken) Do you know what you’ve done? You stole a piece of the Law of Cycles.
HOMURA: (spoken) A piece.
SAYAKA: (spoken) What makes you think you have the right to do it?
HOMURA: (spoken) I’m the one who orders here. I’m the existence who creates rules and logic… It’s natural that I should be rebelling against God. 

Hell fire!
Dark fire!
Now goddess it’s your turn!
Choose me or my ire
Be mine or we will burn!

Please have mercy on her
Please have mercy on me
But she will be mine or
We will burn

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